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Dualeh Oke Delivers Mellow Vibes In Lo-Fi Blend Single 'Signs'

Upcoming Dutch-Somali rapper situated in Newham, East London that goes by Dualeh Oke has released the hypnotic late night vibe tune that is 'Signs'

Originally a spoken word artist, this alternative-rap influenced newcomer discovered his love of music through hip hop blogs, torrent sites and various music publications. From his first single released in 2017, to linking with Jay Prince which landed his single 'Mood' on Spotify's "Fresh finds of 2017" playlist and in 2018 honing in on his craft and building a core fanbase the artist ended the year with releasing a mixtape, 2019 then saw Oke release his debut offering a range of vibes and melodic sounds within the various productions. Oke still has a lot to offer when discussing talent.

Produced by Ashton McCreight 'Signs' speaks on a romantic topic. Through the alluring sounds this song takes all listeners on a vivid journey that demands replay after replay because 1 minute a 50 seconds just isn't enough for a rhythm this compelling.

The self-self-procclaimed Rap Game's Jim Carrey will surely garner more fans due to his ability to show versatility within his genre. As seen on his 2019 album, Oke’s spectrum ranges from eccentric and over-the-top raps; noticeable in Oke’s Theme, Highlight to darker, more introspective songs which is prominent in songs Demon Cycle, Baba I’m Sad.

Dualeh Oke's story is imperative as his situations can allow his fans to assimilate. Oke's Odyssey reflects on the steep come down the artist faced returning back to his East-African home, after feeling the intense highs of moving out for university. A time that others could possibly relate to. Oke will definitely be one to watch for the coming years and if you didn't know now you know!

Listen to Signs here!

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