• Fatima Sheekhuna

Denai Moore Plunges Us Into The World Of Her Inner Turmoil With New Single 'Cascades'

Ahead of the release of her new album Modern Dread, Denai Moore plunges us into a visual representation of her sadness and the experiences of being in her head with the video for new single Cascades.

Moore claims “ I really wanted the Cascades video to translate like a surreal weird dream,” and doing that she did not fail. With avante-garde outfit choice - a nod to fashion photographer Tim Walker- moments of distorted faces, eerie lighting and slow synchronised group movements, she takes viewers through the dystopian imagery of the motions experienced during the dark episodes of depression. There are also clear inspirations drawn from the likes of Missy Elliot, with some of the camera angles and backdrops but Denai Moore manages to shift them to be less vibrant and instead fit the hellish dreamscape she has created.

Stuck behind the mask that represents her anguish, we see moments of her giving into the sadness and losing herself as she coons “do you mind if i lay my head here,” a situation that resonates to all who have once been overcome by deep sorrow. There is an upbeat tempo in the production of the song that may represent the fight to overcome, which we see Moore successfully do as the tempo slows down, eventually ending the song on an acapella as she breaks free from the car, with no mask in towe.

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