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DC Releases ‘In The Loop’ Project and Lead Track ‘Bobby & Rowdy’ Ft Knucks

Rising South London rapper DC releases long-player project 'In the Loop' today, alongside lead track ‘Bobby & Rowdy’ ft Knucks. Produced by TSB, ‘In The Loop’ is a high-concept project, which takes the listener on a psychographic journey, setting DC’s dexterous rhymes against the bustling sonic backdrop of South London, DC’s hometown.

So who is DC? A rare, unique figure - his rhymes are contemplative and cerebral, delivered in a mellifluous, effortless style and set against a genre-bending backdrop, which flits between hip-hop beats and snatches of jazz and classical music. DC has an innate ability to take the inputs he shares with other MC's and turn them into a fresh alternative to the usual output, which is displayed in 'Bobby & Rowdy' with fellow lyricist and friend Knucks. His approach, underpinned by priorities from a higher moral ground, delineates a different take on tried and tested narratives and clichés.

The lead single off the new project, is a reference to Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel, a popular dynamic duo hailing from Brooklyn, New York. The song is a spacious, meandering track, which finds DC effortlessly bouncing off Knucks with lively verses over synths and chopped-up fragments of piano, a refreshing sound to say the least. Directed by LX, the accompanying music video is a gritty, artistic, showcase of South London, laced with references from the French movie La Haine.

“It’s pretty much a story of 3 guys in the hood and the battles and struggles you go through growing up in that environment.” Says DC “I remember watching it and thinking rah this story feels mad relatable, even though it was shot like 30 years ago in another country. Yo a lot of these things happen today, so it really touched home with me.”

'In The Loop' cements DC's status as one of the most unique rappers on the London scene at present. Featuring previously released critically acclaimed singles 'Neighbourhood' and 'Tears Sweat Blood' , he has been on a vertical rise since making waves with his Gleamin Freestyle series. Setting himself apart from the rest, DC is in his own lane musically, as he plays in between the lines of Rap and Grime music, with a laid back style, allowing him to not be restricted to one set genre or be stuck in a box.

Emerging on the scene with a 30 second freestyle video on Twitter covering Chip's, 'I'm Fine' instrumental, to his rendition of Daniel Beddingfield's 'Gotta Get Through This' titled Strong, the release of No Manners via COLORS, and his more recent critically acclaimed EP, 'Under The Influence', it's safe to say he has built an impressive portfolio thus far.

“In The Loop is a project is full of vulnerability, probably the most vulnerable I’ve been to date. The major thing is that there’s no exaggerations, no fabrications to make any of the stories more than what they are, I’m not trying to be “the man” in any of the situations – but paint true accounts of the feelings I’ve felt. Just normal human being feelings that people may not discuss regularly. Overall that was my main motivation for the project, touching on experiences we’ve all been through in the most honest and relatable way possible you know.”

With timely issues dominating the global consciousness, DC's laid back style and dextrous, uncompromising wordplay couldn't come at a more important time. While many MC's are firmly entrenched in the business of braggadocio, DC carves his own journey consistently aloof, in his own incomparable lane.

If you haven't already listened to DC's new project, then you can download it on all streaming platforms HERE. We hope you enjoy the tracks as much as we have, and we're excited to see more visual creativity for the new tracks. Let us know in the comments below your thoughts on 'In The Loop' !

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