• Fatima Sheekhuna

Cityboymoe Creates An Ode To His Community With New Single "Turned Out Alright"

With his first release of the year, cityboymoe shares an emotive and heartfelt track, turned out alright paying homage to the community in which he grew up - North West London.

In his soft toned cadence, the artist reflects on the various aspects he was exposed to growing up in ends. "Nandos and bandos // growing up I seen cats in the hallway" he tenderly sings, over a simple and sombre beat. On a post shared to his instagram, cityboymoe expresses gratitude towards other young black men like him that made it out of where he is from. A sentiment carried throughout the song as he emphasises, despite it all he too "turned out alright".

To accompany the track, he also released a Walid Labri directed video, that follows him around intimate settings, such as his home and Wembley stadium along with his friends. There is also a cameo from Chunkz, honing in on the ambiance of hope and love within his community that the song evokes.

You can watch the video below, and the song is out now on all platforms.

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