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Casual Yet Comfortable For Everyday Use In Etre Cecile's S/S 22 Collection

Unveiling high-quality fabrics with zestful prints and playful popping slogans are how London-based designer Etre Cecile expresses their vision in their Spring/Summer 22 collection.

In the background, you have the brainchild and founder Kyle Robinson who aims to provide his audience with a selection of attainable luxury items, showing the ideal mix of Parisian flair and British blend resulting in wearable wardrobe everyday pieces.

With the attention on the collection, the range shows a fun approach to Athleisurewear items, associated with an appealing concept of denim dip dye in straight-leg cut jeans, bringing a display of contrast between a dark shade of indigo converted into light blue shades.

These denim styles are not only comfortable but are trans-seasonal.

Suitable for the summer season, you have fun classic T-shirt shapes, oversized loungewear lines, ready-to-wear silhouettes, and tracksuits. With additional fresh and new lines to the collection like the high-quality velour and silk cargo pants, silky soft skirts at mid-length bring a playful luxury attire to the selection.

A taste for playful promises of knitwear in the range plus room for a mix of crochet style techniques, portrayed in vibrant stripes of colour in summer knitwear hats and short tank tops.

An effortless introduction to Athleisurewear, Etre Cecile takes us on a journey of engaging puns and a field of vision for sports wrapped up in the visual perception of the 1980s. With references to sports culture like British sporting clubs, football stadiums, and tennis courts, indications to racing gear, sporting tracks, drop moments of thought-provoking British puns/slogans like “Jog on,” popular icons such as Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg to name a few, fun graphic prints as well as highlighted displays of the brand logo. The range consists of a colourful flare of vivid neon greens, ultraviolet and red hues.

In a combination of fitted and loose items, the collection also includes references to paisley prints like Etre Cecile’s interest in tie-dye effect, however, was replaced by a marble-effect technique bringing a new direction to the Spring/Summer 22 range.

Etre Cecile brand is known for its balance between loungewear and everyday causal wear with an array of fresh, comfortable, and hip style ideas for their target woman customer. As we reach daily hot temperatures, Etre Cecile’s spring/summer 22 collection falls right into place at home with this climate we have all been experiencing. Casual and fresh, yet comfortable for everyday use. The brand's summer offering is full of lively sports references in minimalistic shapes of the 1980s nostalgia sports culture combined with a contemporary approach of going with the flow vibe in moderate everyday casual silhouettes.

Words by Charlene Foreman