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'Butter-Fly' The EP: Lava La Rue's Exploration Into Young Love

From all the fluffy and honey-drizzled moments to the gritty reality of insecurity and growing pains, 22 year old West Londoner Lava La Rue invites us to look inside their version of a coming-of-age style film, emitting a carefully curated five-track EP Butter-Fly that seeps into more than one genre such as psych-rock, lo-fi and a new-age R&B.

Starting out with 'Magpie', a soul-drenched sample gracing the start which feeds into moments of hip-hop. The track not only represents pining after a crush that will lead to an inevitable heartbreak, it shows a deeply introspective side of Lava as they celebrates queer love with relatable casual anecdotes that have been praised by so many other queer people who haven't really felt represented within love songs.

With singles 'G.O.Y.D' and 'Angel' arriving before the release of Butter-Fly, with production talents from Clairo, Vegyn, and Deb Never, 'Angel' brings a summery, pop number full of synths, psych rock and a picky bass reminiscent of Tame Impala. Although short, this almost 20 minute EP feels intimate, relatable, rose-tinted as it captures moments of tenderness but not leaving out the pragmatic approaches to reality.

'Lift You Up', a track featuring Karma Kid represents realisations and growing pains within adulthood, becoming and resilient and developing a thicker skin. The project as a whole represents a transitional period where Lava had finally found their wings and was able to settle in this moment of their life. Not only was Lava able to capture falling in love, entering their 20s and brushing off all the insecurities that you developed as a teenager, Lava has finally recognised the type of person they want to be in the world. Following the project Sitiches, which the two titles together show butterfly stitches, a way to heal wounds.

Listen to Butter-Fly here!

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