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Brockhampton Release Latest Single 'If You Pray Right' Ahead Of 'Ginger'

The unconventional rap collective have recently just dropped their new single ahead of the release of their anticipated project this month titled ‘Ginger’. If you’re not familiar with Brockhampton, it will be an opportunity to have a listen to a group that not only provide flexibility and diversity within their music, but also within their group. The collective consists of members; Kevin Abstract, Matt Champion, Merlyn Woods, Joba, Dom Mclennon, Romil Hemnani, Ciaran Mcdonald and Bearface all of which are most notable members known for their vocals and creative production.

Brockhampton can predominantly be identified as a rap group, however, they each have their own sound which stems from their own individual personalities and all of this is creatively curated to produce the tracks that they produce, not to mention, each of them have some serious bars too. Their fanbase is also why their fan-base is extremely diverse and this is indirectly helping to break barriers between races.

'If you pray right' has a religious element to it, therefore, it will be intriguing to see how this track fits in with the whole idea of their project. Brockhampton have also released a video for the track, so perhaps this could offer a little insight into what could be expected later on.

Let us know what you think about Brockhampton’s latest track and video.

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