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Belgium Based Artist SVDKO Releases Debut EP "It's SADKO"

After a long period of uncertainty, SVDKO is fully bringing his artistic vision to life, releasing a stunning debut EP with it’s SADKO. The young talent has been showcasing his unique electronic productions for a handful of years now, amassing millions of streams on digital platforms while building a dedicated fan-base. With massive achievements under his belt, such as a placement on an Apple commercial with his original “Worth It”, SVDKO is undoubtedly rising faster than ever, and his debut EP is definite proof of that.

A handful of years after his debut single, SVDKO finally feels like he sees a clear path in his career and creative output as an artist, channeling his classical background, as well as varied influences from the likes of Flume, Mura Masa and Red Hot Chili Peppers. His debut, 4-track project is out independently and goes through a variety of pop and R&B sounds, all laced with distorted guitars and glossy electronic production. Introductory track “Terrify” featuring NY-based singer/songwriter ÊMIA does an amazing job of pulling listeners into SVDKO’s universe, while touching on the downfall of a relationship that operates on pride and aggression as opposed to communication and compromise. Vulnerable and impactful, “Too Different” with vocal lines by Akacia and colorful instrumental gem “Blossom” take the energy forward, while “Out Of Body” rounds up the story in a classy way, driven by a mysterious singer and trap-inspired production.

"I wasn’t sure about the direction I wanted to take with my debut EP “It’s SADKO.” By picking up my guitar after many years of no practice, it boosted my creativity and gave me the confidence I needed. The name actually has a small story behind it. My artist name comes after a Russian traditional tale/opera character named Sadko. I chose to use SVDKO because I wanted to appear first when you search me and it was also a cool thing to use a V instead of an A at the time. The problem was that many people couldn’t read it, and I’ve heard many funny variations of my name during the years. “It’s SADKO” is not only the establishment of my new sound but also a way of me telling everyone “hey, btw it’s pronounced SADKO.”

Stream his new EP here and follow the artist here.

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