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B Joux Begins The Year With Reflective R&B Song 'Nightmares'

B Joux is back from a short hiatus from releasing music since his gritty single Long Damn Road last year, although we saw the release of his video for fan-favorite Story Never Ends it seems he is locked in and ready to deliver in the new year.

'Nightmares' is a slow-paced record with an infectious drum patten that adds some energy to the otherwise moody and mellow song. on Nightmares, B Joux speaks about the emotional disconnect and remembering a time where things were different. His sings about a love interest looking to live out her Nightmares and feels like he is pushing her in that direction.

B Joux talks about a love interest ‘living out Nightmares’ as though they were in some sort of fantasy. But at the same time, he warns the love interest that if she ‘ended up in tears’ as a result of her actions he would not be

held responsible. the guitar riffs are a smooth touch to this record, produced by B Joux's frequent collaborator AB The Creator.

Stream Nightmares below.

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