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AW 2021 Casablanca Grand Prix Collection – The Fantasy Party Never Stops

"Glamour, bright lights and the party celebrations do not stop till the heels come off" is the phrase for this incredible collection. As the days blend into each other. The weather gets even more bitter cold, restrictions of lockdown continue to tighten with a firm grip.

We long to remind ourselves of the days when catching a flight to a distant land was the simple task to achieve and then poof - you are in another change of scenery. Quite different from our usual surroundings and all you can think about is a getaway relaxation well deserved.

Well, with the release of the Casablanca Grand Prix AW21 presentation film, it has been an incredible reminder of the glorious nostalgia way of living we all crave. A reminder that we may live in difficult times, but there is more to see and experience in our lifetime.

Parisian designer Charaf Tajer started the label in 2018. Following his ethos, the talented designer describes his brand as the French word Idéalisme meaning living your best damn life, right here, right now, which is what we all try to strive and pursue. Tajer conveys this message in his new collection with share determination and conviction. Instead, he transported us back to a time where we are all living our best life and could be again.

Witnessing Tajer's lifestyle vision brought to life amongst the bright lights and the beautiful surroundings of Monaco. The Parisian designer takes his inspiration of partying, glamour, fast cars and his love for Monaco which means so dearly to him and created an inspirational collection exploring the contrast of the sport Formula One with its fast cars amongst exquisite luxury and beauty.

With a splash of vibrant shades of colour in baby pink, orange, monochrome black/white and aqua blue. Tajer has produced a selection of draw-dropping glamour pieces highlighting vibrant colours and usage of geometric patterns. He provides his customers with a taste of luxury and style in his menswear and womenswear collection brought to reality.

As the season begins on a high, the Parisian designer reminisces a time back to the 1960s when the Formula One sport was at its peak. Buzzing casinos such as Casino de Monte-Carlo, fast cars, hungry gamblers and plenty of masculinity in the mix. Tajer takes us on an incredible journey, bypassing the French Riviera in style-worthy pieces which are a “must-have” for this season. Inspired daytime sportswear from Formula One combined with the enchantment of the happening nightlife of casinos in Monaco. Sporting in long tailored trousers, stunning evening gowns, tracksuits to straight cut and clean line tuxedos. It is a time to celebrate the good old days, a time to be seen and spending money like hotcakes. Let us quote “Money talks” from 1989 dance act Adventures of Stevie V and it sure does in this collection.

Putting his spin and interpretation of how the elite socialites and tycoons dress, Tajer took his vision to the next level and created his own Grand Prix racing crew. And by looking at this collection, the gang has already passed with flying colours in pieces emphasizing the main diamond-print which dominated the entire menswear collection. Showing you silk shirts, straight cut lines of outerwear, sleek black leather jackets with a beige smooth, soft fur collar, prominent printed faux fur coats with detailed jacquard trim, over the knee-length double-breasted coats with vibrant colour diamond-print scarfs to match, racing enthusiast one-piece tracksuits and silk shirts portraying the influence of the black/white winning flags.

Whereas the launch of the womenswear collection unveiled their selection, worn by the likes of socialites/models Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and many more. With the influence of shapes from the sixties, the label brings us the attention of shift dresses, figure-hugging long-sleeved mini dresses with cut out club shapes referencing playing cards. Voluminous diamond-print poncho with large lapels, giving you a Jackie Onassis sense of styling, shirting, 3-D merino knit jumpers and mini-skirts with exclusive one-of-a-kind racer-esque motifs. It is a fantasy story of 1960s decadence set in the opulence Monaco Grand Prix party glamour with a hint of fantasy life spice.

Charaf Tajer explains: “the story after the race, which is where the magic happens”.

He wanted to provide his customers with a bit of fun and enjoyment during the race and after dark hours, taking you to a domain that everyone can be a part of, celebrating good times ahead, but more importantly offering out treasures that can last.

With his great enthusiasm for learning more and extending his range to great lengths, we cannot wait to see what Tajer comes up with next, especially from his collaboration with New Balance XC-72 sneakers, making its presence in mid-2021. However, the Casablanca Paris AW21 collection is the perfect combination for our need for escapism, style glamour and fantasy world we should all be part of and experience in our lifetime.

Intrigued to see more, see below the glamour highlights from the Collection. Click here.

Words from Charlene Foreman

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