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Ascend and Transcend With Tay Iwar's Newest Single 'PEAKING'.

One word: ‘Romance’. Tay Iwar’s Instagram bio sets his intention for 2021. It certainly seems to be the current mood for his upcoming EP 'Love & Isolation' and with its lead single ‘PEAKING’ having been released a few weeks ago we’ve been vibing to this sweet smooth buttery track into the late hours of the night.

PEAKING gives us much more than romance though; a perfect example of classical elements of R&B mixed in with the Alté mindset that embodies Nigeria’s growing alternative music scene. The accompanying visuals to the single show Tay draped in all white blending into the white sheets of a luscious looking bed spread. The track list for his long awaited EP combines mind, body and soul: YOGA, STONES, FEEL, THINKING and PEAKING.

Photo credit: Almass Badat

The track develops with subtle but pumping basslines in the background. The backing vocals all yearning for the warmth and touch of another. The intermittent snares, adding another layer to his own personal production. Tay’s repeated words begging for the company of whom he’s been isolated from.

I can definitely see his sound matching that of the likes of QUIÑ and LVRN Collective among others. There is no doubt that with Tay Iwar's growing international following he is bound to attract more and more attention that will only increase the reach of his music.

The fact that PEAKING is the last track of the ‘Love & Isolation’ gives a twist of humour to the immensely talented artist who writes, sings, produces and mixes all in one. With each track the listener climbs the EP up until reaching its peak; PEAKING is its climax. Although it’s the final piece, as a lead single it sets the mood for what we can only expect will be a soulful whirlwind of lust and romance by Abuja’s own Tay Iwar.

'Love & Isolation', out April 16, 2021.

Listen to PEAKING here.

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