• Shona Moran

An Exploration of Africa's Past and Future: Daily Paper Presents 'Future Roots' this SS21

Amsterdam-based brand, Daily Paper has released their Spring/Summer 2021 collection, Future Roots. In line with the brand identity, fueled and inspired by the rich heritage of African culture, Future Roots pays homage to African histories by intertwining an exploration of pre-colonial tradition and post-colonial activism within its contemporary designs.

Future Roots revives the histories of African culture by providing the younger generation with a means to bring to life the past. Ultimately, Daily Paper connects tradition with modernity through their heritage-inspired designs, allowing fashion lovers access to a modern take on traditional dress.

Through a combination of creativity and innovation, Daily Paper encapsulates the essence of African culture. The brand placed particular importance on the textiles used in the collection, and through extensive research, Daily Paper effectively enriches the designs by presenting a collection grounded in authenticity. The collection heavily features Daily Paper's custom branded lace, cut from white cotton Broderie Anglaise, to reinterpret traditional African textiles. Various pieces within the range showcase the material, such as satin scarf attachments, tailored pieces, dart-waisted dresses, and oversized or boxy-fit shirting. While white makes numerous appearances across the collection, Daily Paper introduces a range of pastels into the SS21 colour palette, including turquoise, lilac, yellow and green, welcoming back a splash of colour into our Spring/Summer wardrobes. However, with a few additions of soft beige and brown garments making it into range, the ever-growing popularity of nude tones is here to stay for another season.

The collection features monogram prints and uniform-inspired checks, to further the sense of heritage with the range. Daily Paper utilises patterned-designs as a nod to 60s and 70s student style, where activist minds were growing and developing. The classroom during this time led to subsequent movements that inspired empowered optimism within young people today. The inclusion of history within the Future Roots collection enables the link between the past and the present to become increasingly apparent within the brand's concept for this collection.

Through nostalgia and historical references, Daily Paper hopes to influence the younger generation by reminding them of the meaning and inspiration behind the collection: "our future roots will always draw their power from the past."

Take a look at the full lookbook and shop collection online now!

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