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ALIGHIERI 'The Wandering Stars' AW21 Collection

Nothing is certain in these days, the world seeming to be strangely at halt and yet cautiously moving towards some sort of freedom and release. We find sanity in the beauty of art and in the world of science. Alighieri’s AW21 collection ‘Wandering Stars’ encapsulates this state of mind perfectly.

The collection invites us into the world of science and astrology, each piece symbolising an element in the periodic table. In this way, they are conferred with an importance that cohesively narrates the story behind the design, classic to Alighieri’s DNA.

Distinctly philosophical, Rosh Mahtani’s gems never cease to spark wonder and excitement, each piece telling a story. Winner of The Queen Elizabeth II award last year, the brand's founder is also commended for her ethical and local production processes - all products sourced, assembled, finished and packaged in Hatton Garden.

A mix of maximalist gold and sober interlinking chains, the shapes are brilliantly associated with the names of the pieces in the collection. The Interlocking of Minds bracelet for instance has two interlinking clasps, merging the literary and the artistic.

As an ode to our solar system and its vast elements, the collection plays on the mystical language of stars, craters, and constellations. The recycled sterling silver ring The Symbol Unknown, resembles a close up of the moon, and we are told that the craters on its surface ‘could be a message’. Plunged in the Alighieri universe, we are invited to ponder on the shape and metaphysical dimension of each piece.

Mat Maitland’s fresh and futuristic collages cement the campaign, and confer an air of other worldliness to the jewels. Yet, Alighieri’s collection is very much a worldly affair. Inspired from South Korea to London to India, the pieces flow together and share a similar melancholic, imperfect character. After a year of lockdowns and collective exhaustion, ‘Wandering Stars’ offers us a welcome dose of dreaminess and symbolic adventure.


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