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A2 Releases His Latest Project: All Spill (Album Review)

Residing in Croydon is South London based UK rapper A2, who has recently released his latest project comprising of 11 tracks titled ‘All Spills’. A2 could have been previously been seen as an enigma back in early 2010’s, however, he has emerged on the scene gradually gathering pace as well as a fanbase and has now just recently released this highly anticipated project. From this title you can guess that A2 shares all about his lifestyle and what his life has entailed up to this point in his life/career. ‘All Spills’ contains a combination of straight up bars as well as vocals that just presents a chilled vibe that will put you in a laid-back zone while embracing every sound that exudes from this well-thought out, effortlessly, curated piece of music.

When you listen to music, you will find that most people like to listen to music that reflects their mood and in this case you that A2 has a sound for every type of feel. Not only does he have a sound for every emotion/feel he displays his ever-growing versatility, bringing his vocals to the forefront of his project, expressing himself in every way possible and sharing his own life story to us through his music.

Now, it would be unfair to not give you drop on what tracks to look forward to on the project that showcases the upcoming talent that is A2.

Let’s set the record straight the whole project is fire but few tracks to look out for on the project are tracks such as ‘Smoked Out’, which really displays A2’s bars and impressive flow. A2’s sound along with the beat definitely does this track justice. In contrast, ‘Pourin’ exemplifies A2’s vocals as well as his ability to produce a melodic flow over this rather nocturnal-sounding beat. ‘Renegade’ is also another track to look out for as it very well curated created another chilled vibe listeners, ironically, the title of the track ‘Renegade’ provides the listener to escape reality and really become lost in the sound. ‘Here We Go’ featuring Dotty is another track that not only is another well curated track that Dotty fits into seamlessly, but another track that is relatable to a lot of us.

A2 may very well have created a lane for himself and there is no doubt he will continue to evolve and this project shows his ability to acclimatise himself to whichever track he is on. It is really exciting to see UK music thriving and it is artists such as A2 that are contributing to the traffic that UK music is garnering across the globe.

Let us know what you think about A2 latest project.

Album- Rating-70/100

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