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A Talk With South London Songbird Mysie

With her visuals for new single "Heartbeat" fresh out the oven and currently in the midst of her 1st leg of live shows we caught up with Mysie.

The South London artist first kicked off her journey in music at the tender age of 16 under the alias Lizbet Sempa, a soulful pianist and singer but she always knew their was more to her craft. Revamping and open her creative gates, she re-emerged as the Mysie we see today - fast-forward to 2019 we saw the release of her debut EP.

As this eventful year comes to an end, we spoke to Mysie about it all!

Q: Who is Mysie?

- Mysie is limitless, bold, dreamy and dramatic.

Q: What/who would you cite as you biggest influences?

- My biggest influences are J Dilla, Jamiroquai, Gwen Stefani, Thundercat and so many more. I’m influenced by so many artists, it’s countless.

Q: The Chapter 11 EP, how did that come into fruition?

- These songs were written around the same time I was discovering myself as a person. At the time I had no self worth nor did I value time. Chapter 11 really was about starting afresh. These songs are really a collection of moments in my life where I learned a lot about myself and the people around me. Sonically, I came together with Duncan Pym, and it was such a journey getting to where I am now with my sound. We wanted to make a record that completely represented me and my influences.

Q: What’s your song-writing process?

- The foundation of my songs always begins with the piano. I start playing with different chords and rhythms and from there I add a melodies and gradually form words. Whatever the mood and direction, the songs will always come from a very personal place.

Q: How would you describe your musical style?

- Bold, Experimental, Ethereal and Ambient

Q: Your visuals have received real acclaim, being described as cinematic - is the visual aspect of your music something important to you?

- Absolutely. Whenever I listen to my music, I visually see it. You hear the music differently when you see a picture to it. I love making music videos, and working with new and upcoming directors, its so exciting!

Q: Are there any artists you’d like to work with? - do you have a dream collab?

- Wow, my dream collab would be with Tame Impala.

Q: You’re doing your first round of live shows - how does that feel?

- It feels amazing. I absolutely love playing live and being in the moment. Ah I love it!! Just want to live it over and over again.

Q: Who do you have in heavy rotation at the moment?

- Rosalia, Mahalia and Anderson Paak.

Q: What can we expect from Mysie in 2020?

- Releasing my new EP early 2020, and super super excited to show you all the new music.

Mysie's latest single "Heartbeat" is out now on all streaming platforms, she plays the The Great Escape: The First Fifty tonight as well as as Outspoken Live on November 28th!

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