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7319 Maison Chanvre Debuts First Of It's Kind Hemp Collection

7319 ‘Maison Chanvre are a new-age, sustainable fashion brand for the modern day creating a more affordable, longer-lasting collection of luxury daily essentials for the urban world without sacrificing quality. The new-born brand is being nurtured by founders James Loach and Ben Thompson, who have a 360° agenda on ethical manufacturing, educating commercial, sustainable, and social benefits of using hemp in a cotton-dominated industry, and doing so through an organic, artistic lens.

With a passion for modernistic design and sustainable lifestyles, 7319 Maison Chanvre have spent years studying hemp, its sustainable properties, and fiber structure in order to provoke a real shift in fashion development. Made from a custom blend of 67 percent natural hemp and 33 percent organic cotton from Portugal, this bag has one of the largest volumes of sustainable hemp.

7319 'Maison Chanvre are sustainable because hemp produces an incredible 680kg of fibre, that’s

454kg More Than Cotton, flourished from just 1/8th of the water. Also, tried and tested with years of experience.

7319 'Maison Chanvre debut a much-anticipated campaign which was on April 2nd, 2021, caught in an exclusive secret location between acres of natural hemp, allowing the collection to thrive in an entirely natural setting. The campaign elicits a sense of authenticity, brand identity, and sophisticated garment technology.

Written By Adena Gordon (@adenaxstudio)

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