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Album Review: Spaceman - Octavian

The latest project by UK’s very own Octavian is enthralling with the diversity of music genres within the project and allows listeners to gain an insight into the psyche of Octavian. Octavian’s sound brings a different vibe to the Afro-Caribbean and drill sound that is currently saturated the UK music scene. Octavian’s ability to blend various sounds, combinations and flows will undoubtedly be recognised by listeners. This project contains 14 tracks, therefore, the best songs from this project have been selected. The great aspect about this project is that the different sounds in each track will suit multitude of listeners as everyone has their own preference as to what music they like to vibe to.


Octavian’s track ‘Sleep’ featuring Krimbo refers to people underestimating the ability that both artists possess. This is accentuated in the hook by Octavian, “Catch me but you cannot reach, don’t act like you don’t believe in my team.” Octavian’s distinctive sound and melody on the hook of the track embodies his whole persona as he effortlessly combines with the high tempo beat. Krimbo’s flow and sound blended well on the track giving the tune a ‘drill’ type sound which adds a combative nature to the track.

Stand Down

This track starts off with a message that provides food for thought. From there the production that has gone into this track makes this one of the best songs on the album due to the sheer class that is displayed on the beat. Octavian calls himself a ‘rockstar’ and the lyricism on the track epitomises that of a rockstar. “Check my Background I’m a rockstar,” is what Octavian sings in a melodic nature to let his listeners know that he is living like a rockstar. Octavian stresses about the money he is making and the women he is having fun with.

This is my World

This track is definitely one of the best of the album because it feels as if Octavian is telling a story about his life hence the name of the track. The best and funniest line on the track is when Octavian states “5 bills on shades, still cannot see straight, that girl could be clapped but still give her leeway.” This shows how much money Octavian can flex with. Another line that is telling on the track is when Octavian says, “all of the man who hated are fans now, but they just wanna eavesdrop on the plans now.” This gives the listeners insight into how much Octavian has had to grind and now that progression is being made people are now fans and want to follow suit. However, Octavian emphasises that he is only focuses on himself and not what another man is doing.


The production gone into this track is admirable because it provides such a chilled vibe. The message at the beginning of the track refers to the title of the track, “Do you want to build or bullsh*t?” Octavian alludes to everything that he is built so far and the fact that women are interested because they see how him and his team are living now.

Break That

This is another track that displays Octavians versatility on whichever beat is put in front of him. Octavian is unfazed by any different sound which is one of the reasons he is gaining a huge following. This track was a tailor made for Suspect who has an aggressive sound and flow but Suspect and Octavian merged well to make this track a future club banger.

Move Faster

Once again Octavian shows that he can switch up his style to suit a particular track in order to produce smooth melodic sound. Octavian also shows that he does not need features in order to make his tracks sound this smooth. This track also has a chilled positive vibe to it as Octavian is speaking the ladies out there letting them know they can go faster in his whip.


This track refers to Octavian and those around him taking revenge on those that doubted, suppressed or looked down on what they are trying to achieve. “F*ck your name” is how Octavian ends the track, emphasising on the aggression he has to those who opposed their plans and goals. Nevertheless, regardless of the nature of the track, this tune still has a party feel to it and even draws similarities to US artists Travis Scott due to the sound, flow and even the beat that was produced for the track.

Projects which show a musicians’ versatility and natural ability to adapt to a range of genres of music will always be popluar. Some artists thrive off having a certain sound and sticking to it which is fine; however, the bravery to try different sounds is always encouraged and shows the potential for growth. Therefore, this project by Octavian receives 7/10.

Listen to the album below

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