• Thelma Khupe

Cruel Santino and Octavian Join Forces For New Single 'End Of The Wicked'

Nigerian musician and visual artist Cruel Santino, formally known as 'Santi', calls to French-British rapper Octavian for the release of his latest single 'End Of The Wicked'.

'Never put trust in a woman who tells you they love you' Cruel Santino sings pensively over piano keys on the beautifully orchestrated instrumental. The artist delivers his verses in 'Santinese', while Octavian jumps in keeping true to his whispy, melodic flow we all know and love.

The Nigerian born artists first stepped onto the scene with his debut album 'Mandy & The Jungle', and is one of the few west African artists pushing for the popularisation of Afro-pop in mainstream media. Stream 'End Of The Wicked' today:

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