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On Repeat: Celebrate - HoodRich Pablo Juan & Danny Wolf ft Lil Skies

Hoodwolf 2 is Hoodrich Pablo Juan’s latest project involving Danny Wolf, who worked with him on the first Hoodwolf project. Whenever Hoodrich Pablo Juan and Danny Wolf work together they normally produce outstanding tracks due to Danny Wolf’s ability to create incomparable beats which unites effortlessly with Hoodrich Pablo Juan’s unique style and flow. The track touches upon both the artist struggles but now that they have the resources (money), everyday seems like a celebration which displayed through their lifestyle.

The track features Lil Skies, who’s on the second verse and he merges incredibly on to the track with the beat so it clear to see why Hoodrich Pablo Juan brought Lil Skies on the track as the beat suits the pair. Lil Skies is another up and coming artist who has been on tracks with Rich The Kidd, and he clearly has talent with his top tracks such as ‘Lust’, ‘Red Roses’ and ‘I Know You’.

Listen and comment below!

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