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'Try Not To Abuse Your Power', Remember Those Words by Billie Eilish.

There is probably not a bigger name in Pop music right now than Billie Eilish, certainly not one that has grown so exponentially in the timeframe: from 257k followers on Instagram in 2017 to 82 million today. Let me say that again, 82 million. The 19-year-old who over the course of four short years has blown any and every perception out of the water of what a popstar should be, add to the list calling out the music industry (and everyone else) for their double standards on women and simultaneously earning the highest recognitions from the Recording Academy.

The countdown to album 2 has begun: having entered her 'blonde phase' 6 weeks ago, fans were gasping for something new to inject some joy into 2021. The singer-songwriter announced on April 27 that her follow-up to the record breaking 'WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?' would be the simply titled 'Happier Than Ever'. The shift in approach is noted in the stark contrast between the two projects in style, album art and also the range of song titles, where her previous LP had darkness on the surface alluding to 'burying friends' and 'good girls going to hell' and a nightmare-like cover. 'Happier Than Ever' has numbers titled 'Billie's Bossa Nova', 'Oxytocin' (the chemical associated with being in love) and the title song ' Happier Than Ever', however, there is much more below the surface of any Billie Eilish project. With latest single 'Your Power', the star shows that she is far from finished with exploring meaningful and extremely vital commentary on injustice and oppression.

In the video (directed by Eilish), she does not struggle against the anaconda wrapping itself tighter and tighter around her she simply speaks to the camera when she says 'How dare you'. The symbolism is evident and the lyrics speak to the experiences of hundreds of thousands of women and other groups of people whom have suffered as a result of the powerful. She also speaks to those holding power; question it, especially when it's uncomfortable to feel like you are losing your grip on it.

'Will you only feel bad when they find out?'

'Happier Than Ever', a 16-track-strong album arriving on July 30 once again sees Billie and her brother Finneas single handedly create, write and produce what we can only imagine will be another album for the ages chronicling societal and personal growth and challenge. Billie is certainly the happiest she's been with a project stating in a recent IG post: 'this is my favourite thing I have ever created'.

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