• Micah Chudleigh

Reppatwa Releases 'umbrella.' Single Featuring Two New Tracks

London-based Reppatwa releases new single featuring the tracks 'XO's (When I'm Leaving)' and 'How Could U?', in preparation for new project in October

The elusive Reppatwa returns after months without music, dropping two new tracks on the single 'umbrella.', the latest in a string of impressive releases over the past 18 months or so. Having built up a small fanbase ranging from the south west of England right the way out to the US and Canada, Reppatwa seems to have found a pocket for himself that he's really revelling in.

The single features 'How Could U?', a nonchalant yet reflective break-up song, delving into his regrets and what he would change about a past relationship. 'Talking to a new nigga, that we both know/Where does it go from there?/I can never take you back', he raps in auto-tuned vocals; his flow on this song is surprisingly relaxed considering the seriousness of the lyrics. A juxtaposition that works, essentially highlighting his acceptance of the situation and moving forward with it regardless.

Reppatwa cites the Nate Dogg as one of his biggest inspirations and you can see why; he has an ability to blend rap-style lyrics with infectious melodies that is similar to the late West Coast artist. He also cites another deceased artist, Amy Winehouse, as another one of his inspirations - perhaps an insight into how consistently he is able to accurately capture the mood in his deeper cuts. 'How Could U' is a perfect example of both of his inspirations coming to the fore to create the uniqueness of his own sound.

The real highlight of the single (for me, anyway) is the breezy, 'XO's (When I'm Leaving)'. 'XO's' walks the on the border of being a club banger and late night drives on your own; it toes the the line between romantic song for your babes or turn-up anthem with your boys. This is a mood he's captured before, on 2019's 'maybe we should talk about it?' and he seems to be comfortable in this pocket, setting the scene with the lyrics whilst switching between flows and melodies effortlessly.

'XO's when I'm leaving/I ain't kissin' or huggin' no, no,' opens the track abruptly, with the drum beat instantly hitting you and capturing your attention. Reppatwa has a knack of managing to give you a snapshot of his life that makes you feel like he's telling you everything, when in reality he's giving away very little - all part of his mysterious persona. 'XO' is a perfect example of that - with a second version of the track reportedly making it onto his forthcoming EP.

Speaking of, the next project, which is yet to be named, is being aimed for an October drop, according to the man himself. Reps is yet to give us a project longer than a single since his 12-track 'A Collection' from 2018 - featuring some highlights such as 'Malibu' and 'Sofa' - so keep an eye out for that next month. In the meantime, check out 'umbrella.' and some of Reppatwa's other music here

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