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Pi'erre Bourne Releases New Visual For 'Feds'

Our Issue VIII cover star Pi'erre Bourne is back with a new visual for his latest single 'Feds' off his 2019 project TLOP 4. With rumors alluding to a new project from Pi'erre coming soon, he appeases his fans with a visual that continues the retro video game and animated aesthetics that have been present in his prior offerings in singles such as 'Try Again' and 'Poof'. 'Feds' is a record that carries the signature Pi'erre drowsy melody that contrasts his hight tempo, early gaming system inspired beats.

On this record Pi'erre's lyrics are based on a situation that many find themselves in as a young lady goes through his phone. In the chorus of the record, Pi'erre asks her "what did you find?", in a smug tone and goes on to say that she is out of line and he had to switch his phone to stay on his grind. 'Feds' is a catchy record, perfect for his fan base that has been living with the song for months now. On his Instagram Pi'erre asked his followers to give him 100k comments on the video trailer before it would be released, that total came up to 60k before Pi'erre blessed his fanbase with some new visuals to entertain them during the lockdown.

P'ierre has alot more in store for 2020, which we spoke to his about on our magazine which you can purchase here. Watch the video for 'Feds' below.

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