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PHARAOH* Unveils Their Extensive 'Resort' Collection

PHARAOH* Is a newly developed streetwear brand, creatively directed by Kelvin Dore. Dore's inspiration for his fashion line is a culmination of moments that have resonated with him up until this point. As the young designer continues to grow as a person, his mission is to document his journey through fashion and product design. Dore is entirely focused on perfecting his craft and offering the best clothing possible for those that follow a similar Journey. The brand looks to be influenced by minimalist, metallic and subtle symbolism.

There is a distinct diversity in the artwork that is seen on the clothing which makes PHARAOH* interesting to observe. Japanese ‘superrealism’ art from the ’80s can be found on some of the pieces and on others, you will find images of monumental moments in the classic ‘Scarface’ film. Not only do they use striking images on a certain piece of clothing, but there’s also an easily identifiable element of minimalism consistent throughout the brand. An ‘Essential’ collection is offered which contains Hats, T-Shirts, Sweaters, and Hoodies with the classic PHARAOH* logo cleanly and simply branded on the item.

Although these are graphics that seem to be drastically different in their messaging, there is something that niche audiences in the streetwear world can resonate with. Dore creates items that are devoted to making people feel empowered. Dore has stated that "The aim is to create products that feel like your favorite song."

The extensive collection released on Friday the 13th of September has over 50 products ranging from Tote Bags, Hoodies, Hats, and even a cleanly branded Water Bottle. Overall, it's extremely refreshing to see such diversity and ambition in the clothing and accessories released and also from the brand itself.


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