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Pauli The PSM Unveils Energetic New Single 'I Got The Beat'

From coming onto the scene as a music director, Pauli The PSM has graced us with their newest single 'I Got The Beat', an addictive new sound mirroring queer hip-house by the likes of Cakes De Killa with a more minimal beat from a simple drum kit. The new track evokes energy alongside punchy beats and unapologetic rap flows which brings Pauli into a different genre compared to their previous 2020 single 'Don't Hold Your Breath'.

In this love letter towards their passion for drumming, Pauli The PSM fortifies their ability to unique sounds and textures within their music. With this singular percussion beat, it brings stamina and zest to this hip-hop focused track in a standout way that only Pauli is able to master. With a heavily infectious baseline bouncing into the track near the end, it's a lively track that'll for sure get everyone moving in time for the clubs to open again this summer.

Pauli The PSM speaks on the track saying “This started off as a one take freestyle in my voice memos. In the first verse, I’m spitting knowledge and empowerment and it ends off with me just catching a vibe. But essentially, I just wanted to remind people that I’m still a badman on drums.”

The track not only pays homage to Edmonton in North London, a place where Pauli considers home, with the mixed media visual approach, by Omar Blair-Mangat, taking stills and choreographed moments from different areas in the borough.

“I teamed up with Ramario Chevoy who’s been bugging me for the longest time about getting in the dance studio to work on some choreo. We wanted to pay respects to our JA roots, but we weren’t about to be objectifying the gyal dem, so instead we were daggering the drums [laughs].”

Watch the exhilarating visuals below!

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