• Demi Bailey-Paul

Pat McGrath: The Original Makeup Mogul

'THE MOTHER OF MAKEUP', is a term Pat McGrath has earned over the two momentous decades she has been in the ever growing makeup industry, whilst also rightfully claiming the title of 'the most influential makeup artist in the world' , as she is now know by many of the elite in the high fashion industry. Paving the way for many makeup artists alike, she is worldly renowned for progressively evolving an industry that before she entered the scene, was truly lacking in diversity, boldness and creativity.

Pat McGrath pushed the envelope and took risks with pride in knowing others would follow after. Often using her muse as inspiration, supermodel Naomi Campbell, she is responsible for the most iconic runway shows, legendary editorial spreads and advanced advertisement campaigns. She is a legend in her field and her work extends well beyond creating makeup looks for runway shows, she has sparked trends and influenced the market. Her creations have helped drive nearly every major makeup trend we've experienced over the past two decades, for example, flawless highlighted, luminous skin is Pat’s career defining niche, setting her apart from other make-up artists in the industry, and has been a technique that was a well-kept secret until the launch of her own beauty brand in 2015 Pat McGrath Labswhich by 2019 had become the biggest selling beauty line at Selfridges.

Each season, Pat McGrath conceptualises and creates beauty looks for more than 60 ready-to-wear and couture shows in Milan, Paris, London and New York for a luminous roster of the world’s most prestigious brands and visionary designers...'

Her products are synonymous for producing fresh glowing skin, with aims of highlighting the beauty that is already there, the most important element of McGrath's inspiration stems from unique individuality and beauty, breaking away from traditional standards. McGrath values beauty beyond superficiality. She is the true definition of an ever changing breakthrough pioneer within her craft, with connections in the industry that have turned into long-lasting friendships, from Georgio Armani and Edward Enninful, who in 2017 hired her as Beauty Editor-at-Large for British Vogue.

McGrath has also regularly appeared in the Top 10 of the ‘Powerlist’, highlighting the most influential Black British people across a number of industries and was also appointed a DBE in 2021 for services to the fashion and beauty industry, and was the first ever make-up artist to be given this honour, having previously been a recipient of an MBE in the 2014.

'With a creative vision that’s made her a tour de force that touches everything from couture to club kids and street culture; her influence is everywhere, from screen to stage to digital: it’s undeniable, Pat McGrath knows no boundaries.'

An aspiring woman, she has re-defined what it means to be a true make-up artist, and in turn has set the standards high, leading by example and trusting in her unique creative abilities which has led many aspiring make-up artists to follow in her footsteps and incorporate their artistic flair to execute looks inspired by Pat herself. Using materials such as feathers, gold leaf, different textured fabric, and leather as her inspiration for many show stopping looks on the runway, she uses colours in the collections she’s working on as her basis to stimulate her looks, and often her hands instead of brushes, with the idea to execute something different each time. A true inspiration to many people of colour, she has created a path for those who have felt there is 'no space' for them in this type of industry and has allowed others to feel they belong, express their true creativity and take charge in ideas previously told to put on the back burner. An icon.

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