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Osquello Battles Bad Thoughts In New Track 'GLORY DAZE' Featuring TaliaBle

Created during lockdown, this North-London hailing and compelling duo have collaborated on a track that focuses on those negative thoughts that tend creep up on us whilst being a creative. Produced by [hai].keem, this raw and boom bap centred track merges real-life bars with dreamy chords.

As times continue to remain uncertain, our minds as creatives tend to...wander. In the case of Osquello, he believed that honesty was the best policy in terms of producing something that was relatable to anyone who might be struggling in coming to terms with being detached from the outside world. "I knew I had to not overthink it too much and just let my honest release push through on this one," he says. Before lock down started, Osquello was on a high and receiving accolades from various music publications, whilst making raw and honest music. This track was intended to be a "reflection of the daze we get into when we’re hyped up in our glory and clout and how blind it can make us to truly appreciate the real art behind everything"

With a feature from 21 year old Londoner TaliaBle, she speaks on how an overthinking mind can almost rule a person and can haunt creatives behind closed doors. During a time before lock down when people were feeling quite low and vulnerable, TaliaBle decided to draw on those conversations that she had with friends about feeling emotions of self-doubt and how we store negativity to then display it for us all to see. With a thoughtful and poetic verse, TaliaBle says: "The verse itself doesn't illiterate a solution to an overthinking mind but the pure fact of sharing it with others feels like a shedding of skin to me."

Having released his debut album OSQSTOCK back in June this year, his most challenging project yet, Osquello is an artist that wants to bring the listener deep into his world and take them on an emotional journey. Whilst he merges the organic beats form Hip-Hop and a subtle likeness of Jazz, Osquello has definitely created his own unique sound that has been praised highly from various music publications.

TaliaBle is a London based artist who wears her culture on her sleeve. Nurturing alternative rap through the years, she owns her mixed heritage and queerness along with a distressed ski mask to extenuate tongue-twistingly impressive lyricism. From beginning her musical journey with a producer, Karl Binarj, TaliaBle uses her academic background in arts and fashion communication from Central Saint Martins. The duo have worked on exciting projects such as her single 'BORE US', which was an explicit protest against Britain's over-patriarchal society and is there to act as a voice for the 'multi-coloured kids' who thrive with modern ideas about how society should be run, enabling a better future for us all.

Watch the visuals right here, edited by TaliaBle herself.

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