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Ahluwalia In Collaboration With Mulberry - A Collection For A Method Of Protest And Identification

We all observed the exquisite Ahluwalia spring collection 2022 Parts of Me, designed by Priya Ahluwalia and in collaboration with Mulberry, at 12:30 p.m. on Monday, June 14th, at London Fashion Week. For her current spring 2022 range, Priya Ahluwalia said she sought to highlight the very personal and cultural tales linked with Black and Brown hair as a method of protest, identification, and expression."

The audience is presented with incredible movements from the models while watching the collaborative film, and you immediately notice the color-blocked patterns, which fit right in with the brand's mix-and-match, patchwork-heavy aesthetic and signature silhouettes, such as slim tailoring, retro tracksuits, and polo shirts to represent the bags.

Priya Ahluwalia, a London-based designer, has recreated Mulberry's Portobello Tote and a selection of scarves in her characteristic vivid aesthetic. According to Mulberry, the collection honors the “artistry, traditions, and symbolism of Afro-Caribbean hair, as well as Priya's own personal narrative,” which is brought to life through the capsule's distinct design, vibrant color, and stunning motifs. The collection's custom 'wave' print is inspired by braided Black hair styles and appears in braid-like seam lines and patchwork accents. While protest emblems of pride from the 1960s and 1970s, such as the Afro comb and braided hair shapes, are transformed into custom-made embroidered badges that adorn a variety of bag types.

Ahluwalia has every reason to be optimistic about her label's future: she's won a Fashion Award and the Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design in the last year, has been approached by Ganni for a collaboration, and recently received a 150,000-pound cash prize from the British Fashion Council and GQ's men's wear fund. Check out the film presentation below, directed by Akinola Davis Jr.

Written by Adena Gordon (@adenaxstudio)