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Miraa May - 'Care Package' EP

The Algerian-born and Tottenham raised R&B singer Miraa May has been making noise recently. Miraa first came through in 2016 with the EP ’N15’, referencing her North London upbringing and showcasing her smooth R&B Soulful influence.

Following up from ’N15’ back in 2016, Miraa May is back with the release of her new 5 track EP ‘Care Package’. With Anime-inspired artwork, Miraa’s airy and luminous vocal’s take you on a journey through various topics such as relationships, trust, sadness and love. Miraa has created the perfect balance of an upbeat tropical sound laced with an unwinding sultry touch.

Dropping the visuals for the most prominent track ‘Nobody’ off the EP last week, she opens up about relationships "Tell em I don’t bow down to nobody / Only trust God and my family”. The visuals compliment the track perfectly, a montage of Miraa on her trip in LA, embracing a positive happy vibe.

There is a lot more to be expected from Miraa May and we can’t wait to hear it.

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