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Miller Blue Finds Peace Of Mind In His New Single ‘Me, Myself & I’

In 'Me, Myself & I', Miller Blue effortlessly experiments with a mixture of sounds, from lo-fi R&B to jazz and neo-soul. In his mellow rap delivery he reflects on his feelings of isolation while also finding bliss in being able to redefine for himself what it means to find peace of mind.

With a chorus that is bouncy in rhythm and a melody that will linger in your mind long after your first listen, Blue also pays attention to the lyrical detail in the track. This is evident across his discography which dates back to 2018 with his first single ‘Marigold’. He is a reflective songwriter that uses his music to create space for listeners to connect with the emotions that he expresses.

“This one came during a period of intense isolation,” Miller explains, “Being forced to stay inside and away from others was a struggle for me in many ways but ultimately helped pave the way towards a deeper stint of self exploration in a way I’d never experienced before. This song discusses some of these observations made about both myself and the world during this time.”

In the video he dances through the streets of downtown Toronto and along the snowy beach of the city. It’s almost like a bittersweet reminder of the joy that can be found in spending some time alone. This track acts as a teaser as to what we can expect in his forthcoming project titled ‘The Tree Of Teneré’.

Watch the dreamy visuals below!

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