• Sophia Hill

Louis Culture and KAM-BU Come Together for 'Burst': Ones to Look Out for in The New Year

Having both grown up in South London Louis Culture and KAM-BU were destined to spin a single together at some point. ‘Burst’ came out on the 11th of December, produced by Pullen, with visuals shot by Jack Cullis. The track sees the two musicians take us on a cruise around the area they remember growing up in, as they reminisce over their younger years.

South London has always been a hub for some of the UK’s best artists, with a music scene that has been a staple part of the city's heritage. Louis Culture and KAM-BU are perfect examples of this as they both appear set to establish a solid name for themselves in the industry.

Although Culture first started putting music out in 2016, he was making beats and experimenting with styles from a very young age. As a member of the South London collective Elevation Meditation alongside rising star Lord Apex, he has also worked closely with P-Rallel and Lava La Rue - leading to a collaboration in 2017 on the track ‘Culture For 17’ (a highly underrated one). With the delivery of his Smile Soundsystem EP in May Louis set himself up for a successful year ahead; despite the unusual circumstances. The EP received critical acclaim from i-D, The FADER, Complex and more. Culture keeps his sound genuine to his style using a mix of hip hop influences, along with old school garage - the very sound that emerged from South London’s venues 30 years ago - the EP is ripe and ready for the moment the clubs swing their doors wide open once again. In fact, the EP takes the format of a DJ set, so if you’d like to bring the vibes to your living room this might just be what you need; a prime example of his innovation as an artist. ‘Being Me’ was teased before the project's release, the song presents us with an exploration of what makes him tick. We can expect to see his second EP to come out in 2021 alongside a potential collaboration with VEGYN, which we are really looking forward to.

KAM-BU exudes a compos mentis persona that is not easily found at such an early stage in an artist's career. Having grown up in a Jamaican household, he has mentioned the important role music played in his early years. KAM-BU makes it clear that he is not afraid of showing his authentic self, and it can be found in the details. The lyrics on his single ‘Different’ exemplified this raw side to him - released in May last year via NTS Radio along with some wavey visuals directed by Milo Blake, he was joined on the track by Lord Apex, and the two minds came together beautifully. As part of the same crew as DJ and producer Pullen, the pair frequently work closely together; with other collaborators including LOLA614 on ‘WINTER LEAVES’ (in 2017). KAM-BU manifests his intention to use music as a means to spread a positive message in his latest single ‘Touch’ (June 2020) as his lyricism ebbs and flows on ethical matters; setting him apart from many other young artists who tend to focus on a more materialistic image and certainly not talking about world peace “I want world peace. I want four kids. In the woods and pines where the growth is.”.

Take in the video for 'Burst' below.

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