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Lolo Zouaï Unveils Deeply Personal Visuals To Her Modern Masterpiece 'Desert Rose'

Twenty-four-year-old singer-songwriter Lolo Zouaï has been making serious waves in the R&B and pop world with her introspective lyricism, undeniably pop hooks and distinctive brand of music. The American-French-Algerian songstress released her debut album 'High Highs to Low Lows' last year to high critical acclaim and having recently completed a world tour has also been announced as the main support act for Dua Lipa's UK and EU tour coming this spring.

Her most recent labour of love entitled 'Desert Rose' is a moving and soul baring tale of the obstacles her seemingly normal actions have created between her multicultural family and how these new cold barriers have affected the singer personally. In a refreshing take of modern pop songwriting we get the absolute pleasure of Zouaï letting us in and showcasing the opposition so often ignored between western and traditional cultures, particularly focusing on the difference in religion and beliefs which could not be more relevant in todays ever-changing global climate.

The video which was directed by Emilie Badenhorst captures each scene with a heightened sense of feminine energy, full of both respect and intention. Badenhorst described the creative process of working with Lolo saying "She shared a sense of willingness and subtlety that goes beyond any creator’s expectations."

“I wrote Desert Rose in an attempt to unify us by mixing English and Arabic, and to ask them to accept me and love me as I am,” - Lolo Zouaï

The visuals open with Zouaï wistfully overlooking the Algerian desert landscape deep in thought, then meeting family and travelling around the city she visually feels somewhat alienated from. We hit a turning point when we see Zouaï being scorned by a seemingly maternal figure, the change is reflected in the colour scheme which shifts from dusty and neutral desert beiges with hints of blue and yellow to deep reds and sunburnt oranges, creating a comparison between the darkening of the singers relationship to the ending of a day, something incredibly symbolic in religion. At the end of the track the singer begins lamenting Habibi which translates to 'my love' as we see her leaving in a taxi looking as if she knows it's the last time she can visit this part of her identity again.

Fashion wise there is a particular focus on blending modern materials and clothing with traditional and culturally relevant styling. We see the singer above in a stunning transparent fabric adorned by a golden headdress which drapes over her face, and sporting traditional style jewellery throughout which further shows the singers attention to detail and how her diverse background has influenced her music and personal style.

Aswell as being featured in campaigns for Nike, Tommy Hilfiger and COACH, Zouaï further showcases her talent as one of the co-writers on the grammy award-winning 'H.E.R' album, proving that her artistry and drive is boundless even at her young age. Here at New Wave we envision big things for Zouïa and fail to see her momentum slowing down any time soon. Check out the visuals to Desert Rose below:

Inshallah, that's what you say

You think I lost my faith

You won't speak my name

Forbidden, won't see you again

I chose a life of sin

Wish you could forgive...

Lolo Zouaï:




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