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Joah Brown – Transition Between Studio & Street

Streetwear has come through leaps and bounds, forever, changing and reinventing itself through the decades since the early 1990’s leading up to present day. Through the influence of various subcultures such as Hip Hop, Skate, Punk and other revolutionised movements, this has developed our past and Fashion for the future.

Contemporary Fashion has expanded into multiple trends and flourished our catwalks and high streets each season. It is no wonder in current times we face, we all prefer our wardrobe staples to be functional and comfortable as possible which is why Joah Brown is the go-to brand to keep looks cool and upbeat in your wardrobe. Created in LA, this authentic streetwear possesses a blend of athleisure wear (mix of sports and leisurewear) combined.

The brand consists of pieces for the confident woman, open to the casual approach of wearing a product that highlights sporty and sexy chic. The Joah Brown woman are not afraid of turning into a rebel occasionally and changing it up to a fresh street style approach with an edge.

The US designer who now resides in LA is all about creating stylish, cool, modern staples that embrace the look of comfortability and out-going looks at the same time. The words cosy, comfortable and effortless is the brand’s core values. Their mission is to define the balance of studio wear to streetwear which suits everyone, a look that is guaranteed to turn heads no matter what.

Starting in 2014, the brand has built its niche in the market between streetwear and athleisure wear so you can feel comfy, relaxed and fresh every day. The products are made from soft, smooth fabrics such as cotton, spandex, rayon and many more, giving it that flexibility, stretch and making you feel right at home. The pieces are easily adaptable between the idea of going to the gym to taking it to the streets, expressing a distinctive tomboyish style that is appealing and keeps you in the mood to take each day as it comes. Very suitable for the climate we are currently facing.

We have all been in the situation when leaving the gym, changing your clothes and sprucing yourself up for a prior engagement, however for the brand Joah Brown, there is no need to change your clothes. The pieces are stylish and can easily be changed from a day look at the gym studio to an evening style occasion.

With a splash of athleisure to the mix, Joah Brown has taken the influences of her husband’s wardrobe of loose-fitting t-shirts, jumpers, tank tops. There is nothing that beats a classic pair of joggers to throw on. The brand has in mind to create pieces that show versatility and aspiration for daywear and sporting it in a gym studio.

This has opened the market to a whole new level of creating athleisure/streetwear to soaring limits by influencing consumers of the streets to embrace the balance between looking good and feeling good. Brands like Joah Brown, we should all keep a watchful eye as it encourages versatility and balance in our wardrobe, keeping our style refreshed. There is a time and a place to dress up but sometimes you just want to keep on the joggers, throw on a pair of Chelsea chunky boots and be ready to go out with confidence.

I would be more than happy to add these engaging pieces to my wardrobe. A wearable look for looking good and keeping the style practical and fashionable.

Chief executive of Off-White Virgil Abloh once said:

“People, when they say ‘streetwear,’ they miss the central component, which is that it’s real people; it’s clothes that are worn on the street.”

These days, it is natural for people to mix and match streetwear with other trends like Athleisurewear whether it is a crop legging, a tank top with a pair of platform boots and a retro vintage leather jacket. It just shows you how well both trends have such chemistry with each other. Joah Brown has dominated this adaptable trend well by taking it to the streets in an effortless way.

As most of us are indoors these days, keeping wardrobe staples refreshed and functional with brands like Joah Brown is the way forward. The brand has pushed the boundaries amongst streetwear and athleisure wear to provide a fresh and hip fusion that encourages future consumers to embrace an active lifestyle.

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