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Jim Legxacy Drops Sincerely Deep Project 'Dynasty Program'

UK and South East London Based Alternative Rapper Jim Legxacy released his innovate and idiosyncratic Debut EP entitled Dynasty Program: A Metrical Composition Inspired By The Nights Spent As The RAIIDER at the beginning of this month and with hard-hitting lyrics, experimental genre-bending and several interesting and personal perspectives it's definitely one not to be missed. The project opens with 'System's Calibrating' a vocoder reminiscent of the likes of Kanye West draws us in with a string of beautifully synthetic voices before delving into Legxcy's gripping rap part which instantly focuses the listener into the seemingly dystopian version of London Legxacy has created which we see on the album artwork above.

Upon first listen you are immediately confronted with intelligent and honest lyrics laying on a bed of Rap, Rock and R&B that Legxcy has effortlessly and successfully blended and fused together. Legxacy describes the EP as “something I hope people find some form of comfort in” and we can certainly see why with topics ranging from racism, substance abuse, heartache and family. Sonically we can hear elements of Frank Ocean and Earl Sweatshirt but Legxacy is not presenting something we have already heard before and every track is undeniably infused with parts of his life and his emotional responses to those events. Legxacy wears his heart on his sleeve throughout this project perhaps best presented in the the two stand-out tracks for me 'Willyoustabmeinmyheart' which discusses the after effect of breaking up from a long term relationship and switches from sounding sweet then sinister and 'Raiider' which is a honest tell-all about the traumas the young rapper has had to face so far. Legxacy himself states on the project he is “a darker, sharper and better version of himself that has come to terms with all losses and trauma of his past”.

“This record is inspired by multiple events in the past 2 years and detail my struggles, frustrations and dualities. It's the creative expression that represents the development of a young black male in London dealing with love, racism, substance abuse for escapism, death and the imprisonment of loved ones, overprotective parenting, immigration and the pressures of being of the first generation in my family to be born in a more economically developed country”.

The seven track project is brilliantly conceptual and will take the listener on a truly gripping and exhilarating journey from start to finish fusing element of several genres and styles with unconventional song structures and concepts. Check out the video for 'RAIIDER' below and listen to the project on Spotify here.

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