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Jake Isaac’s New Track ‘Remember’ Is An Ode To Love

Welcoming the freshness of the New Year, Jake Isaac has released his sultry guitar and percussion-led single ‘Remember’. This track follows on from Jake’s recent singles ‘Eyes For You’ and ‘Good’ featuring Tertia May that were released to close the year 2020.

‘Remember’ is a love song that is drenched in soul-baring lyrics and soothing melodies delivered by two London talents Jake Isaac and Samm Henshaw. The track includes a lyrically vivid verse by Grammy nominated hip hop star Mumu Fresh, tying the song together.

Speaking on the track Jake shares: “I always feel like the word ‘remember’ means something different to whoever hears it. I suppose this song is about what it means for me. Honoured to be able to share this one with my mates, the incredible Samm Henshaw and Mumu Fresh.”

As Jake’s discography continues to grow and capture his artistic evolution, so far he has attracted over 70 million streams with six EPs and one album under his belt. Marking his first track of the year we are excited to see what else he has in store for us in the future.

Stream the track below: