• Daniella Francis

Introducing You To Wauve

The authentic and exciting upcoming singer-songwriter and rapper, Wauve is creating soundwaves with his new EP “Shade”. The North London-born infuses his Eritrean background with R&B and Afrobeats to create a refreshing and organic sound. The EP is home to four melodious and rhythmic songs “Pamela”, “Bounce It”, “Without Your Love” and “Fee Fi Fo”. The EP represents Wauve and his current sound, Wauve mentions in his Wonderland interview, “It’s an EP that really displays my musical DNA…I’m a very versatile artist and this project exhibits my skills to the world for the first time within a project”. The title of the EP, “Shade” means to reflect on nostalgic moments and Wauve mentions how “…throughout the EP each song displays a different shade to me musically”.

“Pamela” features both Stonebwoy and ZieZie containing a catchy hook and hypnotic flows. The afrobeat infused song “Pamela” sees Wauve diving deeper into his African heritage as he mentions “The song is about me allowing her to get to know herself, before I start to get to know her. The song is just me giving her a flavor of what really is to be African”. We see Wauve admiring and complimenting his love interest in “Bounce It” over the rhythmic instrumentation with harmonious vocal embellishment. “Without Your Love” has a trippy and distinctive sound which is complemented by Wauve’s smooth tones, as he expresses how he feels to his love interest. Wauve concludes the EP with “Fee Fi Fo” featuring the talented Eric IV. Wauve and Eric IV polish off the EP with some chilled vibes and wavy flows – you can’t help but to sway or bop your head to the infectious vibrations.

Sonically, the EP “Shade” represents Wauve’s influences, paying homage to his East African influence and blending this with the eminent and appreciated Afrobeat sounds from West Africa. These influences are expressed and manifested through the sweet-sounding melodies, choice of instruments, and video visuals!

Wauve is most definitely ‘one to watch’ for the new coming year! Check out the EP “Shade” while we look forward to new waves from Wauve!

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