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Introducing Dara Hamarneh, Your New Favourite Handbag Designer

What makes a great bag? To many, a bag must be luxurious and feminine. Trendy, but lasting - dependable. If that’s what your looking for then Dara Hamarneh is your new obsession.

The namesake brand meshes the past, present and future by reimagining traditional notions of luxury for the now, and the tomorrow. Clear references to trends from the 90s and 60s are echoed in the bags silhouettes, whilst updating it with fresh colours and sculptural shapes.

At heart, their ethos centres creating an array of minimalist everyday bags that are “clean and seasonless” making them essentially eternal staple pieces. This is boosted by their cross-cultural appeal, Hamarneh’s multidisciplinary background and Middle Eastern roots shining through the designs.

This latest collection of handbags includes 5 different silhouettes in varying colours: the Tube, Baguette, Cigarette, Valletta and Valletta on Chain. Each handmade in Italy and dealt with a deep respect and level of care, these 5 bags offer simple luxury to whoever wears it.

Certainly one to watch, Dara Hamarneh’s latest collection is exclusively available at


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