• Olisa Tasie-Amadi

INNERDIVE Premiere: 'Mundane' by Mariam Adesokan

Directed and written by Mariam Adesokan, alongside her all-black crew, Jojo Bossman (Director Of Photography) and Uzi Okocha; the film Mundane delicately centers around the inner workings of everyday life. Shot completely in black and white, the emotive film portrays itself as a manifestation of Adesokan’s appreciation for the boundless nature of black innovators and artists, in company with everything that exists outside of normality.

“Mundane tells a sweet and simple story about familiarity, comfort & resonance,” she says. “The film paints the beauty that the stillness of life provides us with.”

Much like Adesokan’s work during her time at Central Saint Martins, she continues to explore the fragments of human life that go rather unnoticed. She constantly finds herself, in a steady state of introspection, tasked with the onus of

understanding the unearthly embodiments of life that give it value. Sharing an uncanny but yet slim likeness to Mariam Adesokan’s previous animation film project Angel Talk which takes on a non-human perspective, Mundane is a powerful film that gives us something we can relate to as human beings.

To mark the release of the new film, New Wave will be screening an exclusive

premiere on the magazine’s new Innerdive channel on Youtube.

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