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Iman Lake - ‘For The Birds’

East London hailed singer songwriter releases stylistic video to his latest single ‘For The Birds’.

Directed by Azeez Bello, the video takes the form of a film trailer and draws inspiration from the 1995 French film ‘La Haine’, which also touches on similar sub themes. It opens with snippets of various news clips from the past year, including Black Lives Matter protests and Stormzy’s captivating Glastonbury performance in 2019. The video follows the story of three friends in Newham, east London, who are casually living their lives but things soon take a darker turn after an encounter.

This is a multi-layered comment on the systems put in place that only benefit certain social classes but also simultaneously celebrates and captures the reality of love and brotherhood. Throughout the track Iman oscillates between his honey-toned R&B vocals and spoken rap verses to show his dual approach to making music. Sharing his thoughts on the track, Iman says: “When people watch this I want them to feel empathy surrounding the circumstances of the characters as well as the fact that the story reflects real life realities. I would want people to question who is ultimately responsible for creating the circumstances that we see in our society.”

This track follows on from Iman’s previous single ‘Neptune’ which takes on an electro R&B vibe compared to his present track. Iman is an artist that chooses to express himself through different mediums whether it is a dystopian comic book or a cinematic music film. We are excited to see where Iman takes us next in his creative endeavours.

Watch ‘For The Birds’ video below:

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