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Haich Ber Na Releases Introspective EP 'From Then 'Til Now'

London based producer and musician Haich Ber Na propels himself into a unique and avant-garde style of electronic pop with his brand new EP From Then 'Til Now which is an exploration of ideas that are based on the past, present and future. From releasing a string of genre-bending singles, Haich Ber Na creates his own genre, picking moments in electronic indie-pop that leave is feeling both nostalgic and dazzled.

From producing and writing all of his material as well as self-directing his visuals, his 2019 EP Everywhere's Home was a look into belonging and identity which fortified his ideas of experimentalism, catching the attention of numerous underground circles and platforms. Having a two year break in-between projects, From Then 'Til Now breaks boundaries as he merges ideas of futuristic pop alongside baffling electronic production such as his earlier single taken from the EP '0594 Help' a funky, jazzy and trippy concoction drawing inspiration from Jamiroquai's 'Virtual Insanity', a moving set built by Haich and his team.

'Think About It' draws influences from late Metronomy with parts that delve into a distorted electronic indie-pop, with the visuals both weird and wonderful as he collaborates with HQI, an experimental artist-run cultural arts hub based in White City. Following up from his previous work, this multifaceted musician brings From Then 'Til Now new material by repurposing the past and fetishising the idea of nostalgia.

Listen to From Then 'Til Now right here!

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