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Grunge Revisited Trend 2023

Fashion works in cycles, with styles continuing to come back and return to mainstream popularity several decades after it was first experienced and enjoyed.

KNWLS Spring/Summer 2023

Grunge style returns almost two decades on

One trend that fits in the former of the two is grunge fashion. It first entered the scene back in the mid-1980s, although it did not truly hit the heights in terms of popularity until the mid-1990s. Nonetheless, it took off, and many were styling themselves and their own looks on this way of dressing and expressing themselves.

While there are some that have continued to wear this style of clothing proudly as they feel it suits them best, it seems we could be about to see it re-emerge on a bigger scale as it is making a return in 2023, some two decades after it last experienced mainstream popularity.

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There have been a number of clues recently that it would be making a return, as its revival was something that top fashion labels and designers had hinted at with their shows on the catwalk. There were a number of instances where some of the world’s top models appeared in grunge-style clothing. An example was when Kate Moss appeared for Bottega Veneta in a flannel check shirt.

An article that featured a number of experts in Vogue had also predicted that there would be a renaissance of the grunge era, as they noticed that the shows that were put on were giving it a new take. They highlighted how it was being made “sexier” and “more grown up” compared to the items that are easy to associate with this style of fashion from a couple of decades ago.

They attributed the style’s return to the fact that there has been a lot of uncertainty across the world and in people’s personal lives, with chaos having disrupted a number of individuals globally for a variety of different reasons.

What does Grunge fashion consist of?

Whether the top 50 fashion brands of 2022 decide to incorporate grunge within their collections for this year remains to be seen, but if they are looking to capitalise the market, then they may want to consider new generations of customers.

For those that may have missed the boat with the first wave of grunge culture and fashion, it can be incredibly helpful to get an idea of what it consisted of and whether we can expect to see a number of these things return in the future.

Items that were traditionally considered to be a part of this fashion trend at the time included checked shirts, torn trousers, sleeveless shirts, military boots, bikers, and denim jackets. These garments were considered to be the staple of the culture, and it is not hard to see why so many were enamoured with it back in the day.

So, could we see a return to these items and this style in what has been dubbed ‘Grunge 2.0’? There is every chance that we could. Experts have already made bold predictions about what to expect, and Kate Moss’ appearance in a checked shirt clearly suggests that there could be more of the same. We could also see more denim being used and returning to our wardrobes, while leather could also make a comeback, as could utility trousers and the chains that became a statement of this particular way of fashion!