• Fatima Sheekhuna

Giveon Brings To Life The Lyrics Of "Stuck On You" In New Video

Following a momentous debut year for Giveon, he seeks to end it on a high note with the release of his video for “Stuck On You off his new EP When It’s All Said and Done.

After accompanying Drake on his song “Chicago Freestyle” and the release of his debut EP Take Time, Giveon has swept the music scene as an R&B figure that everyone should keep an eye on. With a distinct tone, that in an interview he once shared he grew up with a disdain for and listeners often think is manufactured, Giveon is shaking the table with music that wraps storytelling into earnest and unique sonic.

Opening to a soft toned clip of Giveon sat on a rock singing acapella to open water, the tone is set from the start of a cinematic experience. Giveon himself says of the music video “I am so excited to have a video that match the sonics of this song. I wanted it to feel more like a film and less like a music video.” In this he is successful as the story of the songs lyrics are told through the visuals - with the expressions of the tender and rocky moments of a relationship brought to life on screen. “Maybe I’m the problem and the one thats causing all of this,” his baritone voice resounds as the camera pans onto the solemn face of the gorgeous love interest, with cuts to the vast Southern-Californian mountains and beach fronts.

You can watch the video below.

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