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Exclusive: New World Ray Breaks Down His New Project 'F**King Hell'

We previously spoke to talented artist New World Ray on Issue 6 of New Wave magazine, breaking down his beginnings within music and his journey thus far which can be found here. After months of anticipation and a string of new singles and visuals, one being the trace inducing single 'infatuation' featuring Afro artist Kida Kudz. Ray came back on the 10th of May with an 8 track project that seems to have a very dark but versatile sound from top to bottom. Some of the topic touched on in this project rage from love stories to personal revelations that open Ray's audience to a less glamorous but vital aspect of his make up as an individual and as an artist.

The project is a streamlined offering that gives old and new listeners plenty to take away. Featuring artists such as Astro 838, 234jaydaa and dndsection, Ray is able to colminate these different sounds into a concise project. Showcasing his experimentation he touches aspects of his vocals and sounds to evoke the dark and sombre emotions that permeate through the project as a whole.

Ray is an artist that takes the messaging in his artistry very seriously, so we reached out to get his full breakdown of each track to add an extra element to the listeners experience. Take it away Ray...


The first song Army is just talking about feeling the pressure and everything, all the shit I was going through, mourning a few people, a few family members. Just feeling life's pressure but also just saying that I'mma still be motivated, It's going to take more than everything life's been throwing at me to bring me down. If you wanna kill me, you 'gon need an army.

Nine to Five

'Army' Leads into 'Nine to Five' which is one of the pressures life was throwing at me. Just coming out of university, gotta eat, all that type of shit. I was working a few jobs and the song speaks to some things I was going through in the work place. I was going through racism in the work place, being treated differently to the white staff members. I'd be at my desk miserable because it wasn't what i was trying to do, music was, so I just said fuck that shit. This song is also special to me because I made this song the same night that I got fired from my second job, so I just said fuck that shit.

Black Hole

At this time I was just going round in circles, things were just going on and on. You know how it is working a 9 - 5 Job, the days go quick, the weeks go quick but you don't even know it because you've been looking forward to the weekend. You've just been in zombie mode through-out. I was just in a black hole that i couldn't get out of. The theory of a black hole is that anything that enters a black hole has no chance of getting out. I was feeling lonely and searching for a better situation.

Where Is My Paradise

Where Is My Paradise is about me inside of a black hole looking for a way out, when is the dream going to come through? A lot of people think I was talking about a girl on that song but I wasn't, This song embodies what the project is mainly about, my frustrations and looking for a way out.

Live Good

On Live Good I'm just talking about the paradise that I'm searching for, all the things i want. I just wanna live good, make it outta the hood - I'm not on no street shit but I feel like everybody has their own hood in terms of things that they go through that they want to get out of, that's what I'm talking about. in the first line I said "See how we live, this ain't what we want / I was on that bridge, I was ready to jump", just feeling like Damn...I'm going crazy, I'm tryna get this shit, feeling the pressure for real.


On Magnitude i said " VVS stepped in the club...". I'm talking about the life that I'm trying to see. Shining, comfortable, doing what I do. Towards the end of the song I start talking about my relationship and how me and my girl want more from this life. I just let it be known that I don't have time to waste and if you're on this with me.

West End Love

West End Love starts talking about how me and my girl met on the west end in central London. I said " I met someone on the west end, telling me that she need a boyfriend". This song lightens up the mood of the whole project a little bit. I show my versatility in my vocals on this one.

Rest In Peace

Rest In peace is just talking about people showing love before its my time. People fuck with you but they won't really show the love until it's too late, also just saying that I'm speaking things into existence and using the law of attraction. I was saying in the song that I'm gong to blow up this year, I don't know how it's gonna happen but I know its gonna happen. I used that just to close off the whole project. Don't wait till it's too late, if you fuck with me, fuck with me heavy now. Everyone that I fuck with I show them love, because this is our time. As human beings we live to waste time and not know what we have until it's gone. I'm just trying to show people in general that timing and telling the people you appreciate that you appreciate them before its too late.

Listen to the full album via the link below.

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