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EDEN HIGH by MCQ - subverted high school nostalgia

EDEN HIGH is MCQ’s 6th icon collection. Preppy chic is given an urban twist through cut out details, mismatched patterns, and exposed seams. It expresses a ‘warped 90s high school nostalgia’, made possible through cutting edge creatives and a dynamic fusion of artists. The campaign features grungy decors, outdoor neon, tie dye t-shirts, and old consoles. It screams teenage irreverence and insouciance.

This Icon collection is yet again a striking collaboration of creatives specialised in the domain of technology. With a particular eye for creating meaningful graphics, EDEN HIGH features exploded daisies and sunflowers by artist Natalia Podgorska. Freeka Tet composed the song ‘Black Midi’ for the collection, which was then extracted and turned into prints. To top it off, Albert Omoss, 3D designer and employer at Microsoft, created his own prints from re-invented gadgets and outdated tech objects. EDEN HIGH plays with 90s futurism and tech boom aesthetics, re- invented for modern day fashion.

Because above all, it's a collection destined to be worn and enjoyed. Blazers paired with tailored shirts and varsity sweaters leave a vast space for the wearer to experiment and express their own style. « Very luxurious boss meets nonchalant creative » is how Mabintou Kolley sees it. She is the chief creative officer of Stamp Agency, who created a hackathon at the launch party of the collection with the aim of empowering women in technology.

There are few things more liberating than escaping to the world of teenage rebellion. Maybe our current excitement around y2k looks signal a yearning for a new age of possibility and the optimism of a new era arriving?

Pooja Lucie Willmann


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