• Sophia Hill

East London's Rimzee and Potter Payper Come Together on 'Lifestyle Cold'

Produced by Fumes on the Beat the track is a mellowed out one - a perfect tune in a number of settings. The music video is shot in sepia-toned visuals that throw fans back to some of the most significant years in UK grime. The video features Upper Clapton Road and scenes of surrounding blocks as Potter Payper and Rimzee both continue with their consistent and unassailable comeback after having spent some time away.

Since his release from prison in July last year (having served six and a half years out of a 13 year sentence) Rimzee started getting to work and only a month later he was ready to put out his single ‘Go Time’ in August of 2019. ‘Lifestyle Cold’ is a part of Rimzee’s latest album ‘Upper Clapton Dream 2’, the long-awaited sequence to ‘Upper Clapton Dream’ - fulfilling a promise made to fans seven years ago. Many are elated to see Potter making an appearance on Rimzee’s latest record and quite rightly so - this collaboration was certainly overdue. Potter Payper has likewise made a comeback this year from a stint in prison, and before the three years he served his videos were getting millions of views on YouTube. The album also features the likes of M24, Haile, Ay Em, Stardom and is definitely worth the listen.

Both rappers seamlessly fit alongside each other with raw and inspirational lyricism as they relay stories in their verses. Potter introduces the track with his verse - the bars convey Potter’s day-to-day and on taking his own advice. Rimzee then enters with his verse which takes the track to another level of depth as he opens up about his past and some of the lessons he’s learnt along the way. Tyler Monet then ties it all together with her delicate vocals on the chorus. You can see the two artists aim to stay real no matter what, and this is what this collaboration delivers. The only bad thing about this track is its length, there’s not enough of it.

The video for 'Lifestyle Cold' is available to watch here on YouTube

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