• Shona Moran

Djerf Avenue: Your New Go-to for Elevated Essentials

Swedish influencer, Matilda Djerf, is best known for her sense of style, laid-back Scanci aesthetic and the endearing positivity she radiates to her many followers. For those of us who would revel in walking a day in Matilda's shoes, the influencer has given her followers both an insight and access to her much-desired wardrobe with the launch of her clothing brand, Djerf Avenue.

Djerf Avenue is a Swedish, non-seasonal and ready-to-wear brand created in 2019, for those who adore vintage pieces and fashion staples that can be worn and loved endlessly, remaining a part of your collection for years to come. Distinguished by its focus on every day, and noted for its elevated essentials, Djerf Avenue embodies everything we love about clothes fit for every occasion. Matilda frequently styles the pieces in multiple ways to demonstrate the versatility of her designs. Whether you're grabbing coffee or attending a big event, the brand caters for all. Ultimately, Djerf Avenue is an embodiment of those who are stylish, laid-back and on-the-go, as the garments prioritise both comfort and Instagram-worthy looks, the brand refuses to compromise on everything it represents, aiding the label to become unique in its own right.

Beyond looks, ethics is a top concern for Djerf Avenue, as the brand intends all designs to be timeless additions to every wardrobe they grace. Djerf Avenue beats the pressures and premature ageing of its clothing, which come with seasonal collections. New releases launched by the brand are fresh additions to the world that is Djerf Avenue, by no means replacing previously-loved favourites on the site. In line with this, the brand ethically produces and manufactures all pieces in Portugal, a place known to practice quality production and enforce ethical working conditions and labour practices. As well as this, the brand makes all garments using only natural, organic, regenerated, or recycled fibres, consistently aiming to keep its environmental impact as low as possible. While the brand almost appears too good to be true, Djerf Avenue is only released in limited quantities to reduce the waste capacity. Limited collections mean that getting your hands on the bestselling pieces might be a little bit harder, although it also makes restocks even more exciting.

The collection exhibits vintage-inspired silhouettes, such as the signature Favourite Pants, oversized Staple Sweatshirt and the Breezy Shirt. While the brand is all about laid-back style, the range also features pieces such as the iconic Dream Dress and more structured garments like the Forever Blazer and the It Blazer, for those days you feel like making an added effort. As a whole, Djerf Avenue utilises minimalist tones such as black, white and grey, which aid the brand in enforcing the versatility of its clothing. Whether you often opt for a lowkey look, or you tend to uplift your outfits by accessorising, the garments make for the perfect canvas to express yourself as you wish. Despite its reputation, Djerf Avenue refuses to shy away from colour completely, as the Dream Dress also comes in a vibrant purple, the Candy Tube Top in pink and the Must Have Mini Skirt in sky blue.

Djerf Avenue aims to make its shopping experience as positive as possible by doing their best to represent a range of potential customers through the models they select to display their garments. The brand has frequently introduced new garments pictured on different body types, shapes and sizes, ensuring all customers can get to see how all designs will suit their figure as best as possible upfront. As well as an aim for greater inclusivity within the industry, Djerf Avenue never retouches both their social media and website photos, including editing bodies, models and clothing, ultimately celebrating the beauty of real-life and real people.

For the keen followers of Djerf Avenue, you will know that the brand has treated fashion fans to a restock this January, so act fast to elevate your wardrobe-essentials.

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