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Community Market: Creative Expression In Partnership With House Of Vans X Creative Debuts

As we slowly ease into the second month of the year, situated in London, you have the innovative presentation venue House of Vans still manages to keep the gifted impulses flowing like clockwork. Arranging their third Community Market, they have teamed up for an exclusive partnership with Creative Debuts, an art platform dedicated to showcasing the up and coming, prominent artists and designers of London ready to express their talents to their community.

Putting it into words, House of Vans is a home hub that sparks creative expression, culture and has been a part of the brand Van’s identity since 1966 in the heart of London, Waterloo area. To support, the various cultures such as Art, Music, Fashion, Street and Skateboarding culture. It provides a platform space for emerging arts and designers a chance to be an apart of Vans “Off the Wall” experience, celebrating its excellence of creativity.

A chance for the real Gen of talent to show their community what they can do and what they are all about and celebrating their creativity through their work whilst making their mark in a creative industry they admire.

Nevertheless, House of Van workspace allows innovative artists and designers to run wild with their talents and inspiring others to do the same. Combined with Creative Debut’s art platform, they have come together to celebrate an abundance of talent who at one time or another have fought and struggled against all odds to showcase their abilities. And now they have an impeccable space which will help them on their way to expand their journey, recognition for their creativity and unleash their arts to the community and the world.

You will witness the impeccable talent at its best. And in awe with excitement ranging from a plethora of artists and designers, featuring the names of Haus of Lucy by Lucy Bryant, a graphic designer and multi-media artist with her focus for modern cultures and a fresh approach on revamping old figurine ornaments to make them more contemporary with a new lease of life.

Whereas, you have Nigerian born creative minimalist artist Butler who is no stranger to taking a minimalist art form in its natural state and focuses on the simplicity in the content in a specific, minimalistic view.

And look no further, London based artist Eve De Haan's work is something to see. With her impressive neon installations of work, she has expanded her talents by looking into the idea of change and how technology has made its mark on today's youth culture.

In total, there are 10 extremely talented artists and designers to watch so feel free to browse at your leisure. You can catch their exhibition of work on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th February at 10 am on House of Vans IG story highlights on their Instagram platform.

An exciting and engaging showcase to watch and not to be missed but more importantly, an opportunity for other thriving Art enthusiasts to get involved and be a part of the creative culture.

To see more, ensure to tune in on Saturday 6th February live on the House of Vans Instagram stories. Click to view.

Words from Charlene Foreman

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