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Colourful Energy - MCQ’s FANTASMA

FANTASMA unabashedly vibrates with energy.

It is MCQ’s 5th ICON collection, each made by a different creative collective, each it’s distinct world. This one brings together a finely curated group of creatives with the shared vision of capturing the mythic Gabber Eleganza scene - a bridge between the ‘sonic landscape and aesthetic side’ of rave culture. The collection’s poignant musical inspiration is conveyed through striking images and a moving connection to the city’s young talent.

As an ode to the thriving Peckham music scene, the campaign was shot pre-covid at an event using a heat sensitive camera. Photographers Viktor Naumovski and Ewen Spencer, whose work is summarised as “Youth, Energy, Flash”, uniquely capture the moment.

The ‘Burst Print’ is a photographic reworking of the diffusion of laser beam lights and bodies dancing. FANTASMA pushes and blurs several boundaries, artfully meshing music with photography and dance, to then be translated into fashion.

Designed for wearability and practicality in a club context, the collection includes glow in the dark fabrics as well as reflective prints. Quite literally made for dancing, the collection is also extra light weight and breathable. The colour palette is articulated around metallic burgundy and neon lime green mixed with neutrals and acidy gradients. It perfectly encapsulates the versatility and vibrancy of contemporary music culture.

MCQ also has its eyes set on the future through its responsible design - from innovative materials and design methods, to end-to-end packaging. Everledger is credited with MCQ’s Embedded Technology, which involves adding the product to a digital wardrobe by scanning and registering the tag with a smartphone. The unique item ID then tracks the design, manufacture, and quality control of the product, facilitating authentic re-sale in the future. This inscribes a circular model into the DNA of the clothes, grounding its inspiration in the present whilst being mindful of the future.

Once again, MCQ tastefully thrives in the midst of art, tech, craft and contemporary culture.

Pooja Lucie Willmann


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