• Daniella Francis

Brent Faiyaz’s Sonder Join Forces With Jorja Smith On Dreamy New Single “Nobody But You”

The RnB trio, Brent Faiyaz, and producers Dpat and Atu make up the soulful group, Sonder and they have teamed up with Jorja Smith on the passionate and touching new single “Nobody but You”.

The production on the emotion-filled record includes twangy acoustic guitar strings which complement the decorative vocals and silky tones from Brent Faiyaz and Jorja Smith. The two go back-and-forth on the verses, coming from different perspectives when faced with adversity in love. The call and response on the chorus are mellifluous as their euphonic tones are dipped in honey and coated all over the heartfelt song.

The chilled and laidback feels on “Nobody But You” only showcases yet again the dreamy and effortless approach Brent and Jorja display in their music. This was most definitely a much-needed collaboration between Jorja Smith and Brent Faiyaz, and hopefully, both musicians have future plans of creating more magic together! Check out the new single below from Sonder and Jorja Smith!

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