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Ayogu Kingsley Achieves Intensity Through Stunning Detail

A narrative in art is key to making a piece much more than just an illustration. This depth to artistic expression can be achieved through diving into the abundant ocean of human emotion. Ayogu Kingsley Ifeanyichukwu is a 23-year-old Artist that achieves this depth not only through the photographic precision of his oil paintings but through the scenes in which he captures through his art. Originating from the Eastern region of Nigeria, Enugu, this is the state in which he galvanised his unique talent and continues to progress in the world of art. He is a Mastermind NCE holder in Painting and Graphics from Enugu State College of Education and one of the leading figures of the Hyperrealist movement, an artistic style that can often be mistaken as photography at first glance. Ayogu Kingsley treats his paintings as poetry that captivates the viewer and makes them feel. His work creates a pulsating appeal to the conscience of the people who experience his work. Looking at his paintings are a way to find compassion within yourself, a trigger to tap into human solidarity.

Kingsley’s talent allows him to achieve this intensity through the stunning detail applied to his work. Every blemish, scare or intricate detail he adds to his paintings help express the truth in his work. A majority of his work depicts his subjects in uncomfortable situations. They can range from a lady crying for help to being reclusive in the corner of a room or figures being completely wrapped up and restrained. The viewer of his pieces has no choice but to feel connected to the paintings, searching for ways to console or free the subject from distress. His paintings endorse unity and human empathy in how he makes his work connect with his viewers. When putting paint to canvas Kingsley examines nuances of the human figure. The facial structure is a key element he explores in his work.

The movement of muscles, hair and even sweat are components of his art that make them work so well. The way he paints shows that he understands the human figure at a very high level and has the ability to recreate a figure and manipulate it to achieve a message through his work.

- New Wave Magazine Issue II

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