• Elle Evans

ATO Leads A Path Of Introspection With 'space to'

Following up from his previous release 24, ATO has returned with a brand new single entitled space to. Leeds based rapper ATO is a name to watch out for. Known for his unique style of poeticism, bars, depth and thought-provoking performances he's rapidly rising within the UK Hip-Hop scene. Set to feature on his forthcoming EP alongside track 24, space to made alongside frequent collaborator EDEN resides in a similar vein to 24 with it's lo-fi production. ATO's warped adlibs provide the track with melodies and textures ultimately elevating a purposeful minimal Hip-Hop inspired track. Subtly building up with tension, space to morphs into something a lot darker leading into a path of introspection. Addressing the inner conflict between looking forward and the 'traps of the past', this is a theme that will be significant throughout his forthcoming EP. Watch the visuals to space to below.

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